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The Green Environment

Do you take notice of what is in you immediate environment? Do you truly see what is there, feel it and enjoy? Because many of us do not, and without noticing it until it is too late, it could slip away along with a lot more that lives alongside it.

We spend so much time riding past in vehicles, jetting over in planes to other areas or other countries seeking something more, often searching for a kind of peace. Yet there on out doorstep is the very thing if we look.

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Saving Bumblebees


The world needs us to take notice of our individual space, to watch it, hold it and nurture it.
Much is happening to our environment and one of the answers to the problem is to once again green our world. To encourage growth to grow and to guard everything that is growing.

November Beech

If you know of Gaia, then you know that growth of the natural environment is what the world needs, even requires.

New Ecology

We have built up worlds of concrete and forgotten our world is organic. The world or Gaia does not want vast areas of rock, stone or concrete, it does everything it can to break them down. Everything in the ecology of the world is utilised to erode and form conditions for green life to grow.

Image Of A Green Planet is an attempt to look at the immediate world of our Green planet that surrounds us or truly a very small piece of it, a tiny corner we habit. By doing so hope to encourage others to look at their own areas where ever they live. Then encouraged. Create more growth more wildness according to their area of the world. To re-green areas of the world again.

Bright cerise Lychnis coronaria along with leucanthemum and Lysimachia.


That is why also included on the website are cultivated plants used in more conventional gardening, as Gaia prefers anything green growing rather than nothing.
The world needs to be regreened in every way possible. In all corners of our personal habitation, every spare area of our Towns and Cities. We need to create growth throughout the whole world, growing the smallest of plants to the greatest of trees.

We need to regrow our planet.

image of a green planet
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