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To reach our house we have to travel an unmade up track a third of a mile long.
To some people this may not be that long, to others it is a vast length. Many people hate the unmade up surface of it. Others think they love it, but begin to despise it after living with it for awhile. From then on they try to change it into something else, most often wanting a more even flat surface or how we think of it, a more suburban surface to travel.

We love it as it is, to us it has an organic aspect, always changing. Holes appear and need to be filled in, puddles form when it rains and reflects skies, clouds and even the moon on a clear night.

It is right as it is.

A third of the track we travel is between hedges. When these are reached a feeling of enclosure comes about, a serenity, a feeling of being enfolded in nature.
The hedges themselves are at least 200 years old and contain a variety of plants, animals and insects. They are a mini Forest, in fact as with many old hedges they are the remnants of the great forests that once covered the whole of Britain and now only exist in isolated patches.

Our hedges then are the holder of a bygone era chock fall of natural resource. They hold vital genetic plant material that is intrinsic to each area they grow in. Therefore we need to protect them for this alone.
The importance of hedges though go beyond this, for they are a direct food resources for wildlife that live within them. Without the food resource wildlife could not exist and so are totally dependent upon hedges.

Keeping a hedge with all its diversity is necessary in the interests of our environment. Yet we also maintain something that has a quiet beauty often overlooked.

For this reason I set on a course to photograph one section of our hedges for a year at approximately the same time each day. To see the change day by day, month by month, and even I was surprised by the variation of aspect and feel that was recorded. So much so I set on recording another year so that I could compare it to last year.

The photographs are straight from the camera, because I liked the immediacy of it.
There is a slight variation to each shot, if you want precision this is not your kind of site . But the hope is it will encourage you also to take a closer look at your immediate environment, watch the changes with this seasons, and see the world in all its aspects.

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